Democrat Party in MTB Must Provide Political Education

SAUMLAKI, LELEMUKU.COM - The Regency Government of West Southeast Maluku (MTB) asked the Democrat Party officials in the regency to give a good and proper understanding of politics to all the people.

This was conveyed by the MTB Regent, Petrus Fatlolon through Assistant III of the General Administration Division of Regional Secretariat MTB, Rynhard S. Matatula at the Inauguration of Branch Board of the Democratic Party of MTB Regency Period 2017 - 2022 at Saumlaki Hotel Galaxy Hall on Saturday (03/03).

"I really hope through the Democratic Party through its stewardship and party cadres can help the local government in providing a good political understanding for the community," he said.

Regent said that so far understanding of MTB society about the right politics is still limited. For many are using politics in an attempt to gain a satisfaction by justifying various means including abusing actual political benefits.

"So good political education for the community is needed so that they can exercise political rights properly. The public understands exactly what is rightfully and what it is its duty as a good citizen," said Fatlolon.

On the one hand, the Regent also hopes that the Democrat Party can make its members as a mouthpiece that is always present in the midst of society.

"I should give appreciation to the functionaries and cadres both at the central level and in the regions that have provided support and positive contribution of good development in MTB District. Namely realize the people of MTB are smart, healthy, dignified and independent, "he said.

Added this cooperation can continue to be well established so that local governments can always open the discussion rooms as a forum to convey positive suggestions and criticism for the progress of the Tanimbar Islands.

"I am confident and optimistic with the experiences of all DPC Democrats of MTB District able to develop the mandate given and contribute and able to encourage the realization of the vision of regional mission," said the Regent.

Furthermore, he hopes that the functional inauguration and leadership of the branch of the Democratic Party of MTB can be a wagon of progress in organizing and politics.

"This coincides with the political year and the feast of democracy in our country. Where the 2018 agenda of Pilkada is held openly in some areas and next ditahun next 2019 that will come, we are faced with 2 high momentum of the legislative and presidential election," hope Fatlolon. (Laura Sobuber)

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