US, Russia to Hold Security Talks about Nuclear Arms and Ukraine Border in January 2022

US and Russia to Hold Security Talks about Nuclear Arms and Ukraine Border in January 2022.lelemuku.com.jpg
WASHINGTON, LELEMUKU.COM - The United States and Russia will hold talks in January about nuclear arms control and tensions along the Russia-Ukraine border.

A spokesperson for the White House National Security Council told reporters the two sides would meet January 10, followed by Russia-NATO talks on January 12 and a meeting on January 13 with Russia, the United States and other members of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

"When we sit down to talk, Russia can put its concerns on the table, and we will put our concerns on the table with Russia's activities as well," the spokesperson said.

"There will be areas where we can make progress, and areas where we will disagree. That's what diplomacy is about."

Western governments have been alarmed by the buildup of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine, expressing concern about potential plans for a Russian invasion.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has denied any such plans and has demanded guarantees against NATO expansion close to its territory.

The National Security Council spokesperson said in respect to Ukraine’s own interests, the U.S.-Russia talks will not reach any decisions about Ukraine.

"President Biden's approach on Ukraine has been clear and consistent: unite the alliance behind two tracks -- deterrence and diplomacy. We are unified as an alliance on the consequences Russia would face if it moves on Ukraine," the spokesperson said.(VOA)

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