Strengthening Efforts to Combat Illegal Financial Activities in Papua

Strengthening Efforts to Combat Illegal Financial Activities in Papua

JAYAPURA, LELEMUKU.COM - The increase in illegal financial activities, particularly in the form of Online Loans (PINJOL) and online investments, has become a major focus for the Task Force for the Eradication of Illegal Financial Activities (Satgas PASTI) in Papua. A Coordination Meeting held on December 19 highlighted efforts to strengthen and consolidate in the face of this challenge.

Jeri A. Yudianto, Head of the Department of Communication and Informatics of Papua Province and a member of Satgas PASTI Papua, emphasized the importance of digital literacy and financial literacy amidst the massive growth of internet users. 

Social media, being a promising platform for financial activities in the virtual world, is the primary focus of supervision, especially regarding PINJOL offers and online investments.

"PINJOL is a financial instrument that is easy and fast to mobilize the productive sector and SMEs. However, sufficient literacy is needed so that the public is not easily deceived by attractive offers online," stated Jeri during the Coordination Meeting (12/19/2023).

He also issued a specific appeal to Civil Servants (ASN) to be cautious and wise in using PINJOL, considering the risks of being misled and facing payment difficulties.

At the same event, the Head of Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK) Papua, Muhammad Ikhsan Hutahaean, presented data illustrating the growth of PINJOL and online investments, along with efforts for prevention and handling.

The number of cases of illegal investment cessation, illegal PINJOL, and illegal pawnshops sharply increased in 2023, reaching 1,641 cases compared to 895 cases the previous year. The losses incurred by the community due to illegal investments from 2017 to 2023 amounted to IDR 139.03 trillion.

Ikhsan urged the public to remain vigilant and provided tips for the prudent use of PINJOL.

"Ensure that PINJOL is registered with OJK, uses loans according to needs and capabilities, and has a good understanding of costs, interest, duration, penalties, and risks," he advised. 

Additionally, he offered tips related to online investments with the 2L principle: Legal and Logical, emphasizing the importance of institutional permits and the clarity of promised results.

The Coordination Meeting of Satgas PASTI Papua was attended by members of the task force, including OJK Papua, the Department of Communication and Informatics of Papua, KPW BI-Papua, Ditreskrimsus POLDA Papua, and other relevant agencies.

All parties agreed to continue working together in efforts to prevent and address illegal financial activities to protect the people of Papua. (DiskominfoPapua)

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