Local Documentary Will Elevate the Quality of Education in Papua

Local Documentary Will Elevate the Quality of Education in Papua.lelemuku.com.jpg

JAYAPURA, LELEMUKU.COM - Toproduction production house has finally completed a documentary film entitled Lamek. The movie about a gun named Lamek Dowansiba who struggle to establish dozens of reading houses. The documentary will be screened for the first time on Saturday (10/9/2022).

Director of Toproduction, Sidarman stated that the 41-minute documentary film was shot in Testega Village, Anggi District, Arfak Mountains Regency, West Papua Province.

"As the title implies, this documentary tells the story of the ups and downs of Lamek Dowansiba and friends of literacy activists in Manokwari. They have to fight illiteracy to the interior of West Papua," Darman explained on Friday (9/9/2022).

According to Darman, in making this movie, he and his team have done research for almost a year. Starting from character introduction to digging up information related to education issues in this area.

"We all have the same responsibility to improve the quality of education in the Land of Papua. It just so happens that we are engaged in the arts and content creators. So this movie is also our contribution. Thankfully, this can open the eyes of all of us to see the current condition of our education together," Darman added.

Regarding the filmmaking process, according to Darman, his party collaborated with Imaji Papua. The founder of Imaji Papua, Yulika Anastasia, who has experience making a number of documentary films, was asked to be the director. In addition, the entire crew involved are Toproduction personnel.

"We deliberately collaborated on this movie so that we could get maximum results. Because next, we will submit this Lamek film to a number of film festivals. The closest, we will soon send the material to register for the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI)," said Darman.

It is planned that the premiere of Lamek Film will be held in two places. This weekend, the premiere and discussion will be held in Manokwari (10/9). Then early next week (12/9), the screening will be held at the Regent's Office of the Arfak Mountains. (Laura Sobuber)

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