Mimika Regency Leader Asks Civil Servants Not to Get Involved in Politics

Mimika Regency Leader Asks Civil Servants Not to Get Involved in Politics.lelemuku.com.jpg

TIMIKA, LELEMUKU.COM – The Acting Regent of Mimika, Johannes Rettob asked all state and honorary civil servants in the Mimika Regency Government to work well and professionally.

Civil servants should not be involved in practical politics. Work according to their respective duties and functions per the mandate given.

"I remind you, ASN must be professional, don't play with politics. Only the regent and I are involved in politics," said Vice Regent John during a meeting at the Mimika Regency Government office, Monday, September 26, 2022.
He added that the government must work well and serve the people. Nothing can be hidden anymore. It has to be done openly.

"Now is the era of openness, so nothing should be covered up. Everything must be transparent, accountable, and responsible," he said.

He also asked the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development to list employees with teacher backgrounds who are currently carrying out duties in the government.

"I want to start today we are working well. Everything must be by the rules," he said. (DiskominfoMimika)

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